SIR Area 2 $UMs in Retirement
Co-Chairmen  Tom Henry and Dave Sutton
2015 Presentations

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Phil Goff (Br 116)

Jan 28, 2015

Tom Kopas - PringTurner Capital Group

2015 Annual Update

Feb 25, 2015

Jason Vitucci from J. Vitucci Financial Services, Inc.

Understanding the Changing Tax

Landscape and Your Financial Plan

Mar 25, 2015

Roland Chow, Director of Business Development for Bloodhound Research

“Commonly Held Beliefs and Realities of Stock Market Investing.”  He will demonstrate software tools to simulate investments.

Apr 22, 2015

Brian Pretti,  Partner and Chief Investment Officer of Capital Planning Advisors

“Through the Global Economic and Financial Market Wormhole”  (pdf)

Brian’s Monthly Newsletters: http://www.capitalplanningadvisors.c om/our-perspective/newsletters/

Brian’s Videos: http://www.capitalplanningadvisors.c om/our-perspective/videos/

May 27, 2015

Jim and Sue Breedlove of Breedlove Insurance in Orinda

“Insurance For Seniors: Medicare and More”  (pdf)  (jpg)

Jun 24, 2015

Matt Weaver of Bedell Frazier Investment Counselling LLC

“Managing Risk Without Being Left Behind”

July 22, 2015

Jim King and Scott Horton of J.P. King Advisors

“Mid-Year Update and Outlook”  (pdf)

Aug 26, 2015

Jennifer Leece & Ryan Lockhart, attorneys at Buchman Provine Brothers Smith LLP in Walnut Creek

“Planning for the Designated Beneficiary and Overview of Trust Administration” (pdf)

Sep 23, 2015

Robert and Matt Gallo of Gallo-Carneto-Gallo Wealth Management of Merrill Lynch, Walnut Creek.

“Money Printing, Currency Wars & Rising Tension in the World.”

Oct 21, 2015

Kevin Gahagan of Mosaic Financial Partners , Inc. in San Francisco

“Fixed Income Investing in a Rising Interest Rate Environment.” (pdf)

Nov 18, 2015

2016 Planning Meeting

Planning Meeting

Dec 23, 2015

No Meeting